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Find the perfect place for your next adventure. Search by an activity and location. Get a list of places to go. Check out their rating, know the inportant details in a snapshot and make reservations with just a few simple clicks.

All you need for start


Learn the ins and outs about the activities at Snap Outdoors Learning Center. Starting from the basics on your first day, to improving your skills to take on that challenge of your lifelong dream.

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Connect with others who share the same interest online and off. Share ideas and advice with them online. Meet them in person at snap events and make amazing new memories.
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What is Snap Outdoors

Snap Outdoors will be the first comprehensive marketplace and informational site for outdoor activities and adventure sports. Snap Outdoors offers extensive listing features, a user-friendly interface and contains well-researched information about adventure activities. What makes Snap Outdoors even more special is its vision of building a community of extreme adventurists and novice outdoorsies alike.

Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a small group of outdoor enthusiasts with various technical backgrounds, who felt the need for an online directory exclusively for fun and unique adventure activities. At Snap Outdoors, we are dedicated to what we do and proud to be who we are. We look forward to make our mark in the world of adventure.

How Snap Outdoors got started

How We Started

Our story began with a simple search to plan a fun day out with friends. Before we knew it, we found ourselves browsing for hours, jumping from one website to another – directories, website and blogs with less than useful information. It took numerous searches to gather all the information we needed. Thus the seeds of Snap Outdoors were planted. Snap Outdoors is designed to minimize the number of searches, to eliminate browsing multiple sites, and to save you time. The site gives you a 360 degree view to all your adventure needs all in one convenient place. We strive to serve our users and their unique, adventurous spirits. At Snap Outdoors we want our site to be as inspiring as the adventure itself.



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